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The Best Team Wins Podcast | Leading Entrepreneurs Discuss Hiring, Talent Management, Company Culture, and Leadership

Nov 16, 2018

Lee Caraher, Founder and CEO of Double Forte, a national public relations and digital marketing agency, is the featured guest on the podcast this week. 
During the episode, Lee discussed the importance of building an employee alumni network, so businesses can promote loyalty among both current and past employees. She also touched on key tips to be more direct when it comes to giving employee feedback and why leaders shouldn't solve all problems for their employees, but rather give them the tools and processes they need to succeed. 
Lee is the author of two books, Millennials & Management and The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees. Double Forte also has a  podcast called “Millennial Minded.” Each week for 15 minutes, millennials on Lee’s team interview her about key topics related to millennials in the workforce, including: how to effectively work from home, what to do if you’re offended by a coworker, how to find a mentor, and more.